Selous Game Drive

Selous Game Reserve is the largest game reserve in Tanzania and located in the South. It is one of the world largest animal reserves – covering 54,600 square kilometers. Sir Frederick Selous, a famous big game hunter and early conservationist, is the name giver to the Reserve. He died at Beho Beho in 1917, while fighting against the Germans during World War I. UNESCO designated the Game Reserve as a World Heritage Site back in 1982 due to its diverse wildlife and undisturbed nature. Although the total wildlife population is high, the reserve is large. Hence the density of animals is lower than in Northern Circuit of Tanzania. Interesting places for your safari include the Rufiji River, which flows into the Indian Ocean. Furthermore Stiegler Gorge, a canyon of 100 meters depth and 100 meters width. Another destination reached by daily flights – Selous the South of Tanzania.

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